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🎍🎍Audrey plant from Little Shop of Horrors🎍🎍 - flyairclub

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😍This will make your neighbors and your friends full of praise for your home! ~😍 This is the most innovative front door decoration this year!!

🥰Don’t forget this will make a great GIFT for a Birthday, Wedding, Housewarming or just to brighten up someone’s day. 😍"Little Shop Of Horrors" is sure to put a smile on your visitors' faces, and it can be sent to you now!

🌟Application:If you love Little Shop of Horrors, then this miniature Audrey plant replica is for you! It makes an excellent object of art for those with a dark sense of humor or just an appreciation for the slightly macabre.

Impossibly detailed, incredibly designed, and artfully made. Put this exquisite artwork in your home and its value will grow over time.

Baby Audrey II's "neck" stem is posable to allow for her head to be adjust which ever way you choose.
This Audrey 2 is a possible plant that will surely be a most peculiar item in your home! This plant is hand crafted.

How do I make Audrey Plant?
I started my Audrey 2 with an old porcelain egg, which I covered with plaster bandages and cut open again along the mouth line

We continue with the outside of Audrey 2’s head: Here too, the head structures are carved and modeled with modeling clay—then coloring

Adapting the tongue to the palate—modeling and coloring

Gluing the two halves of Audrey 2’s head together and fixing the plant stem (made of wire core wrapped in plaster bandages)

Building the first leaves from paper, kitchen paper, wire and glue

Fixing the leaves around Audrey 2’s head

Fixing the plant stem in the flower pot (by pouring plaster in the pot). Modeling the stem structures with modeling clay

Adding aerial roots (wire and modeling clay), attaching artificial leaves

And of course, the tiny seedlings of the mean mother from outer space must not be missing

Gluing more leaves around Audrey 2’s head…

…and bigger leaves at the stem

Now just some leaves of artificial fern have to be added and Audrey 2 is finished!