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Glidz – Ergonomic Electric Shaver

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1x Glidz - (1x Shaving head)
1x Glidz - (2x Shaving heads)
2x Single shaving heads (One year use)
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Shave like you’ve never done it before!

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With Glidz, you shave your head and beard 3x faster than with a conventional razor, saving time and getting a flawless finish.

Glidz’s protective blades protect against cuts when shaving. Get smooth, healthy skin without any marks.

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Perfect finish down to the smallest detail. No hair escapes the Glidz’s 5 rotating blades for a flawless result.

Investing in Glidz not only saves time, but also money, as Glidz blades do not need to be replaced as often as those of large-bladed razors.