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GuardCam Light Bulb Camera

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The Perfect Surveillance You Need At Home!

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Wireless & Easy Installation

Installing the Guardcam is as simple as replacing a light bulb, and setting up takes less than a minute. Controlling it is simple, and maintaining it is a breeze.

Remote Viewing & Night Vision

The Guardcam can control the viewing angle through our APP, you can access remotely view it anywhere and any time through your iPhone/Android phone/Ipad, Even in complete darkness, you can view clear images.

Motion Detection & Real-time Alerts

The Guardcam surveillance camera adopts a highly sensitive motion sensor, Once the camera detects the movement of the object after connecting it to the Internet, it will record the moving picture and notify you through the APP.

Crystal Clear 1080P Resolution

The Guardcam WiFi camera can provide you with a clear vision (Full HD 1080P resolution) at any time, You can use the APP to control the camera viewing angle to achieve 360 views without blind spots.

360° Motion Tracking

The Guardcam Automatically detects and tracks activity in your indoor/outdoor environment in full 360°. The GuardCam has a large field of view and can rotate 355° horizontally and 120° vertically

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