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Humidi – Fire: A helpful tool in the battle against dry air

Not to mention it’s pretty easy on the eyes and your pocket

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Create a calm and relaxing environment.

Just add essential drops into the water.

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The Problem: Dry Air

  • Are you waking up with a cough or stuffy nose? Or noticing that your skin feels and looks a bit dry even though you’re consistent with your skincare routine?
  • DRY SKIN AND HAIR: Dry air pulls moisture from the skin and hair making it feel itchy and irritated. Oh, and static hair. Ugh!
  • GERMS: Humidity levels above 40% rapidly deactivated virus particles, making them less likely to be infectious.
  • ALLERGIES & ASTHMA: Dry, itchy throat. Runny nose. Coughing. Nose bleeds. Sinus congestion. Snoring. Any of these sound familiar?
  • HIGH ENERGY COSTS: Humidified air will actually feel warmer than dry air. With the warmer feel of the air, thermostats can now be lowered.

Humidi – Fire
Doesn’t Stop At Home Use…

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Stress at work has shown to increase absenteeism and lower productivity.

Using our aromatherapy diffuser at work may influence employee satisfaction, morale, happiness, productivity and performance.


A few drops of essential oil in our humidi – fire will help you get the most of your meditation practice.

It will help reduce stress, tension, boost your focus & concentration, deepen your breathing and help eliminate negative thoughts.

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