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Instaheated™ Warms Your Feet

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use?

Simply put in three AA batteries in the battery box and connect it to the sock.

Put the sock on your feet like you normally do and push the power on button on the battery pack to activate the heat function. gif

There is a small pouch on the sock to put in the small battery pack. You can then enjoy your feet being warmed up. gif maker 9 3e58e81b afce 4cb5 be84

How To Clean

Instaheated™ are easy to clean. The wires and heat panels are designed to be waterproof. They can be both handwashed and machine washed. Battery pack must be disconnected before washing the socks. They must be air dried and not be put in dryer. gif maker 9 081e1ee1 1e70 4438 b7c2

If you are going to wash them in washing machine, please put them in a clothing protection bag and use only delicate washing cycle. The socks are made withdurable material. they can last for years with proper use and care.

We offer replacement parts for at the ease of one finger click. Your investment to keep your feet warm will be well worth.

What is it good for?

Instaheated™ are good for both indoor and outdoor activities.

It helps to increase blood circulation in your legs when you are working the office, doing chores in the house, enjoying the movie on the couch or getting ready for a good night of sleep. The use for outdoor is even endless: snow shoveling, fishing, hiking, biking, jogging, dog walking, etc. gif maker 4 09d90191 a065 4bf2 a9db

Need longer battery life? Just grab a few more packs of AA batteries at your convenience and you will have days of battery life! We highly recommend using rechargeable AA batteries to help reduce waste.