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Luminescence Series (Limited Edition)

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11'' x 6''
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Sands that Flow. Lights that Glow

Let’s face it…the regular decoration pieces are too mainstream. No matter where you go, you will find people using the same old pieces for decoration. Well, all of that stops now because Swinget brings you the Luminescence Series.

It instantly gives your space a minimalist and artistic look while giving you a sense of relaxation like never before.

The Healing Mojo of Light & Sand

Watching the sand flow while being surrounded by light is a sight rarely seen by eyes. It’s something you get to feel, cherish and draw inspiration out of. This is exactly how the Luminescence Series makes you feel.

It soothes your eyes and lets you unwind after a busy day.

Let the Lights & Sand Guide You

It’s about time you give yourself into the relaxing mojo of this stand. You get to choose between three different light types (warm yellow, white, and natural) based on your mood and observe the sand flow.

Oh, and if that’s not good enough, did we mention that you can adjust the lights according to your preference?

Order today and treat yourself to some peace and tranquility.