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  • Engineered to fit the palm of your hand
  • The MOST PORTABLE MiniProjector in the world
  • Use it once and you’ll throw away your $300+
  • Can connect any phone wirelessly via built-in wireless (bluetooth)!

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW FOR A WALKTHROUGH! gif maker 3 480x480 ac7abb91 ecd2 413b 9751

THE MINIPROJECTOR SUPPORTS ALMOST EVERYTHING MiniProjector is not just the best phone projector, but the BEST projector on the market! It can connect to almost any and every device, ranging from iPads, consoles (PS/Xbox/Nintendo Switch), any laptops, PCs, Fire/Roku sticks, and much more!

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  • Watch Your Favorite Shows & Movies
  • Make the Screen As Big or Small As You Want!
  • No More Need for Expensive TVs
  • Perfect Gift for A Spouse, Friend… Or Yourself! gif maker 3 480x480 c0556555 f979 43e3 994b

DO YOU WISH TO BE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD?! With the MiniProjector you can make your room teleport to anywhere in the world thanks to its “fake window” effect! Choose from millions of “fake window videos” on YouTube and enjoy a beautiful day in Dubai or a rainy night in London!! gif maker 480x480 43774bbf 53dd 4692 9f18

WATCH MOVIES WITH YOUR PARTNER The MiniiProjector is the best date idea in the books! Grab your significant other, find a movie, and cuddle all night while watching movies on your ceiling. The perfect first date idea

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  • The Original MiniProjector
  • Manual to Help Set It Up
  • Power Connector
  • HDMI Cable (if you choose it above)
  • Projector Remote

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  • Bright and Vibrant Quality: Accurate colors and rich contrast with deep blacks and bright whites that make everything really pop. At 1000 lumens, our HighPeak MiniProjector is the best of its kind on the market! You can always change the settings of brightness, contrast, color, and more within the MiniProjector
  • Compact & Portable: 4.9 x 3.3 x 1.7 inches and weighing ONLY 8.6 oz. The perfect grab-and-go MiniProjector!
  • Built-in-Speaker: Our MiniProjector has it’s own built in speaker! It also features a special port to use your own external speakers!
  • Projection Size: It can project up to 100 inches (incredible) and as small as 24 inches
  • Outdoor Use: Your MiniProjector can be powered from anywhere. Perfect for camping, business meeting and travelst
  • Connect Anything: The MiniProjector can be connected to almost anything that has HDMI, USB, Bluetooth (Once purchased, you’ll get the option to add the wireless bluetooth function for smartphones.) or AV connections! Perfect for anyone!