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Radarify- Radar Detector

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50% OFF TODAY ONLY! “This piece of plastic saved me $10K from tickets and a few nights in jail!” – Jacob B.

radarify radar detector


Radarify- Radar Detector

Its all-new LaserEye technology detects signals from both the front and rear up to 1.5 miles of your vehicle, giving you all-around protection wherever your adventures take you.

Long Range Detection

radarify radar detector

Next-generation IVT Filter and advanced anti-falsing circuitry intelligently reduce false alerts from blind spot systems and other vehicle avoidance systems.


radarify radar detector 1

A powerful processor (25X more than other brands) provides rapid response times and alerts faster than ever before SEEN BUT DON’T BE SEEN…

radarify radar detector 2

Advanced stealth (invisible to all RDD – Radar Detector Detectors) technology ensures you stay completely anonymous ALWAYS TRUE. NEVER FALSE.

radarify radar detector 3

Exceptional accuracy against false alerts means you’ll know what’s a real threat and what’s not 87% of customers report better driving

radarify radar detector 4

Most of our customers reach out to us that not only they have saved $$ but also have been mindful of their driving. Don’t spend another $ on speeding tickets

radarify radar detector 5

With our Laser Radar Detector, you’ll never have to worry about these officers trying to take advantage of you! Can’t beat the price!

radarify radar detector 6

Our radar is on sale for $39.99 compared to others that are $450+ with the same exact technology. So save your money and try our Laser Radar Detector!


  • 1 x Laser Radar Detector