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Rationadmn Table Top Drift RC Car

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Transform Your Desk into a Drifting Playground

The world is your track!

Setup your own Ebisu Circuit in the kitchen…

…or construct a little drift run next to your keyboard. gif maker 26

Flow with the Timing and Rhythm of Drifting

Each kit comes with a P31P Remote control that offers an array of tuning options…

Tweak your Slidey Boys’ steering and throttle sensitivities to the demands of the track.

..or play around with the gyro sensor traction control to really get sideways.

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Slide Into Relaxation

Drifting around your cereal bowl has a nice “zen” like quality to it.

Unwind with a drift session…

…and admire the power and responsiveness of an engineering masterpiece.

Inside the Ride

Slidey boys are equipped with multiple unique mechanisms that allow it to drift. The combination makes for a unique rc experience at 1/76 scale.

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Gyro Steering Correction

This system delivers the exact amount of counter-steering needed to prevent spin-out. It can be tuned via the remote. All the way on, and drifting is easier, but you lose some ability to whip the car through tight corners. All the way off, throttle control and manual counter-steering is the key.

IMG 1912

Metal Drift Tires

Slidey Boys come equipped with smooth metal drift tires. They give the car weight and allow the car to drift through turns. This increases the demands on the driver, but the satisfaction of a perfect corner exit is unmatched.

IMG 1903

Fully Proportional Steering

Sensitivity is key in drifting, that’s why Slidey Boys use a fully proportional steering setup. This allows the driver to make micro-adjustments throughout the drift, to maintain smoothness and velocity.


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