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ShavySkin – Unisex Hair eraser

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  • Gently removes hairs from the root
  • Painless and Non-abrasive
  • Can be used on all body parts

Remove hair quickly and easily!

Get silky smooth skin without the hassle!

Ideal for facial hair, groin, abdomen, arms and legs as well as all hard to reach areas and for all skin types.

When you turn it on, the device detects when it touches the skin and activates the light and two blades that cut the hair.

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The epilator comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can be used both wirelessly and during charging.

If you press against the skin, the ShavySkin is automatically activated to remove the hair safely and smoothly.Only for dry use. Comes with a trim head, a soft micro head, a USB charger, a cleaning brush, a manual and a nice package.

Safe and gentle even for the most sensitive skin

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Most conventional hair removal methods are based on razors. However, this product uses precision micro-oscillation technology to gently remove unwanted hair on the skin surface. That is, no more nicks or cuts. Instead,only a soft and smooth skin remains.