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🔥Last Day Promotion - Small Roller Wall Patching Brush - fiancrework

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Two-in-one design
rolling brush latex paint two-in-one design, compared with traditional brushes, our small rolling paint brush will not leave traces on the wall after use, small size, light weight, convenient and convenient for us to use when going out for construction.

Safe and Environmental
Using high-quality eco-friendly materials,no odor, no VOC, no formaldehyde, benzene cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.harmless to our health, 30 minutes quick drying, does not stain hands or clothes.

Don't throw it away when you're done with it, you can pour it back in with the paint you want.

Keep the Wall Tidy
Whether it's an advertisement on the wall, dirty shoe print, or a child's naughty graffiti, this small roller brush wall repair tool can be brushed off with a single brush to keep the wall clean and tidy.

How to Use
First of all, we need to remove the dust, oil stains and loose substances on the wall, then open the bottle cap and squeeze out the latex paint and roll it on the wall. After use, we need to clean the small roller brush and dry small roller brush.