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Play Old School Games In A Modern Way!

tinytendo 3

Relive your past with the TinyTendo! With over 400 games bundled into one convenient player,?It is a perfect companion to keep your children occupied and have a good time playing. It can also take you back to your childhood.



  • Portable and trendy,The handheld game console contains 400 popular games : Arcade retro games, Football, Sports, Puzzle, Arcade, Shooting, Action, Racing, Fighting games, Adventure and more.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and a USB cable plug & play. Roughly 5-6 hours of continuous game play!
  • Plug directly into the TV with the provided Cable for big-screen playing
  • Perfect for traveling or on the go.
  • Optional Upgrade: Choose to add a remote control at checkout to allow 2 players to play at once! (Works great when plugged into TV)

tinytendo 1

How It Works?

To turn on the TinyTendo simply use the ON/OFF switch at the top corner of the device.

From here you can use the up and down arrow to navigate between games.

There is a volume switch on the bottom corner of the device and you can also plug headphones directly into the top left of the console.

To plug the console into the TV simply plug the provided cable into the headphone port at the top of the device and the other end plugs directly into your TV.

The TinyTendo comes with a super powerful rechargeable battery that you charge using the provided usb cable (Just the same way you charge your phone)

You can expect up to 7 hours of gameplay from a single charge!

tinytendo 2

Perfect For Gifts!

Great gift for kids or adults on Christmas as a stocking filler it will turn Christmas morning into one they will always remember!

Play in handheld mode or hook it up to the TV on Christmas morning and watch their face light up as they enjoy hours of endless fun!