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Transformative sausage/hot dog experience! - westsonona

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Take your grilling game to the next level by cutting slits in your frankfurters with our Grilling tool.

A grid of steel blades cuts slots into the surface of your hot dogs without cutting through them.

When you cook the dogs over a flame, they plump up, and the larger surface area allows for more caramelization. The result: a better-browned frank with a unique texture that grips your hot dog toppings. Delish!

The Hot Dog Slicer is safe and easy to use. With your uncooked hot dog on a flat surface, apply pressure to the red handle of the Slicer, ensuring the latticed blades cut into your frank and not your fingers. Then peel the hot dog off the grate and move it to the grill. Once the heat has plumped up and caramelized all those edges, it's time to dress your dog and devour it!

The Slicer instantly upgrades hot dogs with stainless steel blades capable of scoring into franks up to 10" long. The kitchen tool improves your cookout without adding any time to clean up since the Slicer is dishwasher safe. It's a win-win for weiners!


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it microwaveable?

Answer: The Slicer is a preparation tool and should not be microwaved under any circumstance. Hot dogs prepared with a Slot Dog can be microwaved, but they won't caramelize the way a grilled frankfurter would. But if you're adamant about microwaving your meat, we've got you covered.

Question: Will it work with other foods?

Answer: The Slicer was designed for hot dogs, but it's capable of cutting into other encased meats, vegetables, and more.

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