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non-invasive glucose monitoring smartwatch - unvera

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your glucose levels - all by looking at your wrist.

Monitor your glucose levels in real-time, painlessly & precisely, and make sure you never miss any fluctuations.

Learn how meals, exercise, and insulin cause your glucose levels to change throughout the day.

Check your sugar levels discreetly by simply glancing at the watch

results in seconds - without fingersticks

Using chip technology, our measurement process called optical absorption spectroscopy, illuminates your blood vessels while measuring the amount of light reflected.

Our advanced algorithms then calculate the results and give you a report of your health.

Get remarkably accurate results without having to prick your skin.

the science behind...

Using advanced sensor technology, our smartwatch measures glucose levels through your skin's natural moisture, eliminating the need for painful and uncomfortable traditional glucose meters.

GlucoseMonitor™ is equipped with special sensors that use light to scan the blood vessels in your wrist. These sensors can detect changes in the amount of light that is reflected back, providing an accurate reading of the glucose levels in your blood. 

★ Check your glucose levels in real-time without the pain and hassle of traditional methods

 24-hour-a-day health checkup

personal health assistant on your wrist that can give you real-time insights into your health status...

✓ heart rate & sleep monitoring

✓ blood glucose & pressure monitoring

✓ blood oxygen & body temperature monitoring

 and many more  

even more in-depth analysis

You will be able to explore your history to identify patterns and better understand your diabetes, in order to share your results with family or doctors.

+100s of features you'll love

proven by independent scientific research

GlucoseMonitor uses advanced algorithms to analyze the data it collects and gives you a comprehensive report of your glucose level, helping you manage your diabetes with ease.

With its advanced sensor technology, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive reporting, it's the perfect tool for anyone looking to take control of their diabetes and live their best life.

★ Our comprehensive reporting helps you take proactive steps to manage your health and wellness.

what makes Unvera special

Find out why you should choose Unvera instead of other blood glucose monitoring alternatives.