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All your spaces in one go

The high capacity of the water tank allows you to perform your cleaning routine in several rooms without recharging.

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Don’t give stubborn stains a chance

Have your children secretly spilled some again? It can do up to 160 revolutions per minute. That means even coarse dirt, like dried spots from juice, doesn’t stand a chance.

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Easy to use thanks to the plug-in mechanism.

With its simple mechanism, the WipeDrip mop attachment attaches to your Dyson in seconds and is ready to use. Just turn on the water flow and you’re ready to go!

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Speed control via Dyson

WipeDrip does not need a battery. You can control the power as usual from your Dyson device. Whether it’s ECO, normal or booster mode.

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Guaranteed no suction of water or moisture

The patented WipeDrip system prevents water from getting sucked in and protects your Dyson from damage.

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