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Zoovi Mic Wireless

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1 Mic For iPhone
1 Mic For Type-C
2 Mics For iPhone
2 Mics Type-C
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Make your content stand out with top-notch sound quality

Clip Design

Easily clip the mic to any shirt and start recording.

Plug and Play

Simply Plug, Press, and Record, yes it’s that easy! (no pairing needed)

Long Lasting Battery

Record for up to 5 hours on a SINGLE CHARGE!

Active Noise Reduction

ZooviMic reduces the surrounding environment noise to provide you with professional, clean, and clear audio.

Record From Distance

Our receiver allows you to record up to 70ft.

Watch the Video for a Short Tutorial!

About the Zoovi Mic

A wireless, hands-free recording mic with active noise reduction and omnidirectional coverage. Ideal for interviews, vlogs, and more. Simply plug it in for high-quality audio anywhere. SALE ENDS MIDNIGHT!